What should I expect during my first session?

For your first session, I will focus on getting to know you and what brings you to counselling. We will explore the history of your problem(s) and how they are impacting your life today. By the end of the session the hope is that we develop some goals for counselling and discuss various ways we can get there. We can take time to answer any questions you have and hopefully feel comfortable and confident moving forward together!



Is counselling confidential?

Absolutely - within a few legal limits.

Confidentiality is the most important aspect of counselling, as it creates safety for you to share your story. The counselling relationship is so unique in that you are able to share things you may have never shared with anyone before to someone completely unbiased in your life. You can be sure that what is said in our sessions, stays in our sessions.

That being said, there are a few situations when a counsellor is legally bound to break confidentiality:

1) if a child is or may be at risk of abuse or neglect;
2) if you have imminent intent to harm yourself or someone else;
3) if my clinical records are subpoenaed by a court order.

If you have questions about these limits to confidentiality, please let me know.


What if I can’t afford counselling?

Please let me know prior to our first session. I have a few spaces available for sliding scale clients and totally understand that certain circumstances can make it really difficult to afford counselling services.


I’ve been considering counselling for a while but it’s so hard choosing a counsellor. How do I decide what counsellor is right for me?

This is the most common questions/complaint I get from people thinking about starting counselling. A simple google search and tons of counsellors will appear, but actually sifting through and making a decision is one of the hardest parts about actually getting started!

My best advice for this one is just bite the bullet and book in with someone that specializes in what you are wanting, has the proper training (look for an RCC or CCC) and experience and based on their values and approach looks like someone you might get along with. The counselling relationship is the backbone to success in counselling and you don’t really know until you meet the person. If you have more specific questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail or call me before booking and we can chat it through.